Meet Bob Baker…


Renowned Long Island gastroenterologist and side-splitting comedy ventriloquist, Dr. Bob Baker is that rare combination of Ivy League educated physician and a seasoned Catskill Mountains “Borscht Belt” comic that has upscale audiences laughing out loud and begging for more.

With his eclectic crew of wise-cracking ‘special guests’, Dr. Bob is a warm and engaging performer delivering his unique brand of witty banter and wry observational humor that your audience will LOVE you for.

Zoltan PosterHe is described as ‘outstanding’, ‘hilarious’, ‘a joy to work with’, ‘America’s funniest gastroenterologist’, and has won rave reviews from audiences across the country… from high-end corporate functions and conferences to fundraisers and exclusive private parties.

Dr. Bob also studied with the legendary Tony Slydini, widely considered to be one of the 3 greatest sleight-of-hand masters of the 20th century (Dick Cavett and Woody Allen were his students at the same time), and is one of the few magicians in the world who still performs some of Slydini’s mind-bending feats of magic.

He even once had a command performance before the tribal elders of nomadic Bedouins in the Negev Desert — he says that it was even more nerve-wracking than his appearance before 11 million people on America’s Got Talent!

But perhaps Bob is best summarized by the comments of his first grade teacher, Mrs. Williams…

“Robert is an excellent student, but he has a tendency to be silly.”

Let Bob Baker bring his sophisticated brand of silliness to your next event!

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