A Message from Bob…


In my 30+ years as a physician I’ve been constantly reminded of just how precious good health is… and how easy it is to take for granted until that gift is taken away. As a practicing gastroenterologist, I’ve seen the devastating effects of colon cancer up close and personal.

Sadly, in the United States, colorectal cancer is the third most common cancer among both men and women separately, and the second most common cancer overall.

This year, an estimated 134,490 adults in the United States will be diagnosed with colorectal cancer. It is estimated that 49,190 deaths will occur.

BUT when colorectal cancer is found early, it can often be cured. The death rate from this type of cancer has been declining since the mid-1980s due to earlier diagnosis and better treatments.

That’s why I’ve enlisted the help of my good friend Sigmoid Colon to help raise money for colon cancer research…

Together we came up with the idea of commissioning a toy maker to create an adorable talking colon plush toy, available to buy at all my shows. The entire cost of the toys has been funded, so every penny of your donation will go to charities that support colon cancer research.

I bring these plush toys to every show, but for those of you who do not believe in delayed gratification, you can order one right now… just $15 +$6 postage and handling.