Let Dr. Bob Baker and his wise-cracking crew of ‘special guests’ bring a healthy dose of laughter to your event with their unique brand of witty banter and wry observational humor – your audience will LOVE you for it.

Places they’ve performed

  • Carolines on Broadway
  • Comix, New York City
  • Governor’s Comedy Club
  • McGuire’s Comedy Club
  • Racquet Club of Old Westbury
  • Fenway C.C., Scarsdale, NY
  • Catskill Mountain Resorts
  • Colleges and Universities
  • Hotels
  • Fund Raisers
  • Wherever people want to laugh!

Meet the Crew

Mrs. Lucille Goldman

Not-So-Sweet Old Lady…

She’s elderly, she’s angry, and she’s on the prowl.

She’s been there and done that (quite a number of times) and if you’re a “hot young guy,” she’s lookin’ for YOU!


Sigmoid Colon

The world’s only talking large intestine.

As you can imagine, he’s not thrilled with his lot in life (can you blame him?).

Sigmoid appeared with Dr. Bob on The Doctor Oz Show and America’s Got Talent so, despite his day job, his jokes are clean.

Oscar Makyne

Irreverent, Irascible and Independent…

Bob is one of the few ventriloquists in the world who can perform the remarkable feat of throwing his voice with his lips taped shut (in fact, Bob was the first ventriloquist that the stunt’s legendary creator, Bill De Mar, revealed the secret to).

Zoltan the Redoubtable

Knows all… tells SOME!

From the Mysterious East comes a figure of towering intellect and prodigious psychic powers…Zoltan the Redoubtable!

Only act of its kind in the world!